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Heavy Duty Paper Shredders vs. High Security Paper Shredders

December 3rd, 2012 | Posted by admin in Office Automation

Importance of Paper Shredders

Recent studies have revealed that the use of a Paper Shredder has increased over the past years due to several reasons. In most of the important offices and businesses, these shredders are used to destroy important documents so that they people do not make use of them in a negative manner or create false ID’s through them. Not only are they restricted to businesses only but are also used in hospitals, residential areas and other places as well. They are important because with the help of these shredders, it becomes easy to reduce the level of identity fraud and theft and hence helps reduce the losses and problems associated with such cases.

What are heavy-duty paper shredders?

If the organization is very large and the amount of documents that they need to dispose off is very huge in number, then they can use a heavy-duty paper shredder, which can be best for this purpose. They can shred the papers of the entire organization and its different departments. Another important feature of this shredder is that it can take almost 140 documents at once that can allow them to save their time and effort and reduce the level of theft and fraud involved. Just like the name suggests, it can also destroy the staple pins, paper clips and other strong things including floppy disks, CD’s and credit cards etc. the shred size for the shredder may vary from one machinery to the other and the type of cutting may also vary. The waste bins of the shredder is also large in number and even through some of the bins are sold along with the heavy duty paper shredder, sometimes people might have to buy them separately.

What are high security paper shredders?

High security paper shredders are mostly used by governmental agencies, businesses and militaries so that they can destroy the top secret and sensitive documents and prevent them from getting stolen. With the help of the shredders, the organizations can destroy the personal information and documents of their clients and company if they do not wish them to be seen by other people. There are high chances that if people get hold of these private and secret documents, they can be used for wrong purposes if a high security paper shredder is not used which can create security issues and problems for them.

Which one is the best choice for individuals or organizations?

There are different types of shredders that organizations or people can use and they can decide about the type, which is most suitable to them according to the nature of the organizations and the amount of documents that need to be shredded or destroyed on daily basis. If the organization is large, they can use the heavy-duty paper shredders and if the organizations need to cover all the concerns regarding theft and fraud due to top-secret documents involved. Because the type and size of a paper shredder might differ from one form to the other, an organization has the liberty to select whichever is most suitable to them.

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