MBBR X-Chip for water treatment system

Water treatment has become one of the important needs of the recent times, considering the fact that a number of regions throughout the world are suffering from extreme drought conditions. A new addition into the water treatment system in Malaysia is the use of MBBR X-Chip which is popularizing itself ever since its very introduction.


The MBBR X-chip is a technology that makes the use of a biomass carrier into a moving bed fixed-film process which provides a safe as well as high surface environment for the growth of biofilm. This water treatment system of Malaysia then increases the capacity by over 200 percent which makes sure the further compliance with the discharge limits. The use of this recent technology can also be done in the IFAS system or MBBR system.


The MBBR X-Chip is considered to be a good option for retrofits, upgrades, expansions and many other purposes for both industrial as well as municipal wastewater management system in Malaysia. The efficiency as well as flexibility of this system makes it affordable solution for the construction of new plants too.

  • The MBBR X-Chip technology in an IFAS configuration blends activated sludge systems as well as biofilm in order to retrofit the existing plans for the removal of biological and total phosphorus.
  • This technology is considered to be apt for increasing plant capacity and in improving the effluent quality.
  • This technology provides the removal of BOD with a short hydraulic retention time.
  • It could be applied as a roughing filter as to the pretreatment or post-treatment polishing bioreactor.

Key benefits of MBBR X-Chip:

  • Cost-effective:

The design and implementation efficiency of MBBR X-Chip makes sure a lower capital and lower operation cost than various other alternatives of water management system in Malaysia.

  • Reduced maintenance:

This method doesn’t involve a high maintenance and provides a good elimination of plugging.

  • Removal of nitrogen:

This method provides a fine removal of nitrogen without any kind of increased hydraulic retention time.

  • Durable and reliable:

The efficient use of non-clogging wedge wire screens into this method makes sure that the retention of biomass carriers remains reliable. Also, this method is considered to be durable when compared to various other alternatives.

Features of MBBR X-Chip:

  • Small footprint:

This system of waste water management can achieve a BOD < 5.0 mg/L as well as an enhanced nutrient removal performance without the addition of the tanks to the existing plant. This treatment permits smaller footprint than all other conventional processes.

  • Flexible design:

The flexible design of this treatment gets integrated into the most active area of sludge bioreactors. This method can also be applied as a roughing filter for the pre-treatment as well as post-treatment polishing.

  • Expandable:

The simple media involved in this treatment system permits for an easy plant expansion so as to accommodate the growth of population and various other requirements for capacity.

  • Stable operation:

The toxic updates as well as hydraulic washout events do not have any effect as to the whole microbial population in the biofilm which further makes sure a system recovery which is smooth and rapid.

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