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Modern day applications of rubber products

December 1st, 2015 | Posted by admin in Rubber Industrial Malaysia

Recent times have seen demand and use of rubber products increase considerably. There are many reasons why this is the case such as the automobile industry’s upbeat mood. There has also been significant increase in the production of tires and export of products made with rubber abroad has been on the rise. As such, you will find many customized and useful products that are being used for business and domestic purposes. Ideally, the products have become a top favorite for many as they are dynamic, strong and flexible and such properties make rubber very ideal for use in numerous strategic applications such as aerospace.

Advantages of rubber

Using rubber products in your various applications come with numerous advantages and you can certainly be sure that you will benefit greatly by using it. Most importantly, these products are capable of withstanding extra high pressures, something which they do with no lose to its properties. The rubber tends to remain functional after being stretched, compressed or twisted. Moreover, rubber is highly resistant to many different chemicals such as gasoline, alkali and oils and this certainly makes it a perfect choice for various applications like generators and motors.

Rubber tubes are essentially capable of holding strong fluids without suffering from any degradation. In addition to this, rubber products are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and this certainly makes them very useful when it comes to making auto parts that are highly sensitive, especially those that run in the freezing cold and desert regions. The highly versatility of rubber makes it a remarkable choice and it is a product of great use in many different spheres of life.

Molded rubber products

Molded rubber products are available in both synthetic and natural forms and come in different sizes and shapes. Such products like plugs, gaskets, bushes and seals are of great use in many different businesses and industries. The recycling of these products produces a fine powder that is then added to the rubber material. Such materials can then be used in non engineering applications since the rubber’s natural properties could be altered. Currently, there has been great success when it comes to addition of ground rubber to paving asphalt. As more techniques of recycling get introduced in the future, this will increase the product’s value significantly.

Extruded rubber products

There are many industrial applications that make use of extruded rubber products and these ones are greatly favored by many due to their tensile strength and increased durability. These incredible properties essentially make them an ideal choice for use in sealing jobs and other industrial applications. The products tend to come in many different shapes and sizes and this include squares, rectangle as well as tubing and tend to come in varying thicknesses. A continuous vulcanization process availed under high pressure is used for making extruded products and this is what is referred to as microwave process. Keeping all this in mind, there is no doubt that rubber is used in many industrial applications than you might imagine.

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