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The Truth behind Water Purification System

January 10th, 2018 | Posted by admin in Purification System | Water Purification System | Water Purify

Water Treatment Plant

Some centuries back, people were very prone to disease, especially waterborne. Many waterborne diseases took the lives of several people which dragged the attention towards the need of clean water.

In the last century, public drinking water purification system came into being in order to tackle the issue. The system ensured the purity of the public drinking water. It was to make sure that the general population who drinks the water does not fall prey to the fatal waterborne disease.

Many years passed and everything went well, but gradually another issues cropped up. Many places witnessed a change in the water purification systems that were quite uncalled for.

Public utilities did their best to tackle the issue. There were reports that quoted otherwise, but we can name it a human error. It can be said that no person would risk the wellbeing and health of their near and dear ones only get the approval of EPA to continue the drinking water purification systems. Employees who work on a regular basis do not anticipate any issue.

The processes involved in the water purification include flocculation, UV disinfection, carbon filtration, water softening, reverse osmosis, ultra-filtration, deionization and chemical disinfection.

The water sources contain sand, parasites, cryptosporidium, algae, bacteria, fungi, viruses, organic material, metals and minerals. With the help of the water purification systems, these elements are partially removed.

If you still believe in the water purification system of your company and do not trust the test results, you may be right. The tests might be flawed, but the approach and case is a little different.

It came into realization of EPA that the groundwater and the reservoirs are contaminated. A hundred percent removal of contaminants seemed impossible and so, to tackle the matter they incepted the “safer” upper limits for the public drinking water purification systems.

It is impossible for any water purification system to eliminate 100% pollutants as well as industrial contaminations. But, the home filtration devices proved to be amazingly effective by reaching 99.99 percent.

The basis of the safe upper limit for municipal drinking water purification systems was that people in the nation weighs about 175 pounds. The contaminants toxicity has to be parallel with the weight and size of the creature that is subject of testing. The tests were usually performed with laboratory mice. The human toxicity was ruled out with the results based on the study.

Tolerable upper limits were established based on these tests. The child’s weight when it is born and the tap-water formula were not taken into consideration, particularly by poor families. The long-term health risks of taking these contaminants were also not considered. Also, the difference in weight of the individuals in the country was also not considered.

Now that you know all the truth associated with the use of water purification system, you must consider the use of home drinking water purification systems just like the many health conscious family. These systems are certified and remove about 99 percent of the environmental toxins.

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